Monday, May 25, 2009

Dat Ibo Boy

Yes ILLBliss, (the ibo boy I'm talking about in case you haven't quite caught on) has dropped a new album called, you guessed it, Dat Ibo Boy. His name might not be familiar to you and that's because you are not on your Naija lo nsele? However he's worked with big names such as M.I. blaise and others. Some of his tracks have miraculously found their way into my hands so i've decided to share the bliss with you all

Hop On It.

1. Intro

2. U Go Wound

3. Dat Ibo Boy

4. Enuff Space (Aiye po gan)

5. Glory

6. Feelin’ U

7. Turn My Head feat. Waje

8. Don’t Dirty My Shirt

9. Currency Boys feat. eLDee and Suspect (yay eLDee!!)

10. Da Boss feat. Suspect

11. Leader feat. Durella

12. Tobechukwu

13. Side Of Your Mouf

14. Limelite feat. Ijeoma

15. National Cake

16. Blessing feat. Pype

17. Lead The Way feat. C-mion

18. Music Na My Hussle

19. Change (produced by M.I) yay M.I!!!

20. Uwa Afufu -life

21. Outro

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