Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ya boy Wale is Killing Them

I know some of you guys remember this Nigerian Classic, and if you don't know about it ask your mother because she most definitely would.

What Does this have to do with the rapper Wale you ask? Well, today I was on twitter (the best site ever) and I accidentally stumbled across my new Favorite song by Wale. Now before people start calling me a poser or whatever, let it be known that I've been listening to wale for years now when his mixtapes weren't really worth shit . But anyways this one song appeals to me because the boy took it back, wayyyy back to a Nigerian Classic. He used a sample from bunny Mack's classic-My sweetie. So good look, wale for repping Naija to the fullest.


Listen to it and Love it. Green White Green all day (:

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