Saturday, May 30, 2009

I ♥ Ankaras!

And who wouldn't? I mean really, they are just too cute to ignore. Way back, lace fabric dominated the Nigerian traditional fashion scene; it was what was "in" (that could be debated though...) now, Ankara (African prints) has taken over and I love it. Even though people still wear lace around for more upscale events, don't be surprised if you see a fine Nigerian woman rocking her Ankara! Another thing that has definitely changed over the years, is the actual style of the Ankara. Today, as fashions from different countries merge together, Ankaras are beginning to look more and more like western style sundresses and baby doll dresses. Personally, I think this is great; it appeals to more younger Naija women that have a sense of style (like myself .) Of course I'm not going to leave my fine Naija men out of the loop. I've spotted guys now rocking their little Ankara vest which are actually kind of hot. Everywhere you turn, Ankara is what's hot and i'm loving it!


Merc said...

Loving your blog!!

F A Y A said...
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F A Y A said...

aww thanks that's really appreciated <3