Sunday, June 7, 2009

Naija Hip-Hop on the rise

"All though the image comes from America, the money comes from AFRICA."
Damn right.Hip hop, which started as a music and a culture in New York (the Bronx to be exact. definitely got to rep that.) in the 1970s, was created from the troubled city life and has historically been the voice of the Black city youth for decades. Now, many young African adults are beginning to embrace the culture we know as hip-hop and add a little African flavor to it.Some Africans have suggested that those who embrace the hip hop culture are no longer African because hip hop is not" African" (someone please tell me what that is exactly.); that they have become what they would call "Americanized". That critism is as valid as ever as rappers begin to spit lyrics only in english, making the elders feel as if we, the younger generation, have lost touch with our culture. I Disagree. I believe that the change in the music scene is a positive one. However, as the music becomes more and more liberal, the more conservative natives have gone through many lengths to try and stop the youth movement. Some politicians have even restorted to trying to get some artists banned and even cencor the music that is played on the local stations. All I have to say to that is kilode?

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